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About the Project


Behind every name on the list of victims of repression lies a living story. It is our duty to name each one individually. Anyone can help us in this matter. Preserve the memory of your relatives, make family memories accessible to others, add photos, documents, any materials about the repressed to the common database.

Our website has no analogs, it is living history, it is the history that we create together with our own hands. This is real history, not written according to the nomenclature directive. It turns out that our project is now the largest living encyclopedia of repression.

We are pleased that we are able to create together this unique information resource. The main thing for all of us is its open access. Those who can help, help us, those who cannot afford it will always have the opportunity to use our materials.

The main directions of the project:

  • immortalizing the memory of every innocent victim and unlawfully convicted person
  • opposing attempts to falsify history and conceal facts of unjustified cruelty
  • reflecting attempts to revive the ideologies of Stalinism and communism
  • creating a unified fully accessible database on the history of the Soviet repressive system

Please note, this is only a test version of the website, in the coming months we will optimize the website, increase resources, add, check, and double-check data. Every day new names are added to the database. The structure of the website, functions, and visual output may change. We are constantly working with maps and regions, documents and lists are constantly being added, partially for now, and over time we will fully enter the data from memory books and martyrologies.

We will connect relatives and show members of the troikas and dvoikas, we will try to make it clear so that everyone understands - the world is now filled with evil, thirst for violence, people have stopped fearing murder. But evil fears discovery, it hides. Our duty is to make it evident and thereby reduce the risk of repetition.

Each of you can participate in our project as much as possible. Someone can share the history of their family, someone will tell about a not quite close person, someone will find interesting material on the Internet. And someone will simply support us financially, because we have no funding other than support from our readers.

We have a huge amount of work ahead of us - and we are simply obliged to remember everyone!