Наш проект полностью финансируют обычные люди, мы хотим чтобы, сайт оставался открытым источником, чтобы каждый мог поделиться своей историей или рассказом, фотографиями или документами. Если Вы решили помочь нам, пожалуйста, оставляйте в комментариях свое имя или почту, всем кто решил нас поддержать, мы хотим сказать - Спасибо!

Immortal GULAG is a project that is designed to collect as much information as possible about the victims of the Red Terror and Stalin’s regime between 1917 and 1953. We aim to discover and to make public the facts of the persecution faced by people from every walk of life, every social, professional and ethnic background. To reveal the suffering of known and unnamed innocent victims whose lives were broken and ended by the cruel and bloodthirsty state machine.
This project is funded only by private donors and is based on private initiative. We would like to keep this website an open and accessible source, where everyone can contribute by submitting their story, their photos and documents. We will be very grateful if you could support us with your donation. Please leave your name and details in the comments – we would like to thank everyone who is willing to help.
Thank you!

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